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Our top value is to Provide Customer Benefit. Everything else just follows.


CUSTOMER BENEFIT: Our single most vital business value is to provide Customer Benefit. All our business values and practices revolve around this Top Value. By Customer Benefit, we mean how every activity of our business is in the greater interest of our customers - from us sourcing the best products to offer best service to our customers is what we strive for every day.


Our fouder Prince after quiting the financial sector during the great fincial crisis of 2008-10, joined the menswear fashion industry, and soon realized that large men's fashion retail businesses weren't treating customer well. He always believed his customers truly deserve to have a choice, and seeing first hand how the large companies saw customers merely a number of sales and profit - too many rules and too less choice so the businesses can be profitable, Prince decided to break this status quoto and change the way business was done in his local community. Prince started his first menswear shop in Guildford to offer a great deal of choice and personal consultative service to his customers so they can make the right choices about their style and dressing for their daily attire and for the important occasions. The response from customers was immediate and overwhelmingly positive, and since then buisness has grown substantially.


We research first hand to understand how customers requirements change on a seasonal basis and proactively adapt to this change in style, fitting, and budgets. Yes it's expensive to invest in ever changing fashion scene but it's also satisfying too see your customers aren't disappointed to see the same old everytime they visit you. We thrive on change and our customers love us for it.


Our philosophy is simple and traditional - your customer is your boss becuase they pay you to survive and thrive. Our philosophy is to offer more value than our customers expect for their money. Something extra is always welcome and goes a long mile. The emost important extra someting is the happiness and confidence we strive to offer our customers is what keeps us motivated.

Peter Young wrote a review..

Very Happy

Absolutely first-class se4rvice from Menswearr, easy ordering process, and superfast delivery made this a great shopping experience
from start to finish. I will certainly use them again and recommend others do the same.

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