5 Ways You Can Wear a Tweed Suit in 2021

when to wear a tweed suit

When its’ best to wear a tweed suit

Your dressing sense speaks a lot about your personality. The crease, fabric and the way you carry yourself reflect the level of refinement and maturity that you embrace in your lifestyle. When it comes to men's suits, you would want to always focus on the classics, which are not only versatile but incredible too in terms of fit and quality such as suits made of tweed fabric.

Tweed was originated in Scotland in 18th century and is woven from pure virgin wool. This stream of clothing was associated with royalty, aristocracy and people of esteemed and renowned backgrounds used to wear this posh quality of suits. Detectives, politicians, Doctors and leaders of fashion defined the class of this line of clothing! Tweed was associated with British culture and the garments connoted physical strength and endurance in 1860s. During 19th and mid of 20th century, tweed was designated as fashionable and practical and was embraced by women too! But it kept its luxury spot! It was during 1960s when tweed came out from the veil of royalty and became popular with young and fashionable generation. Tweed fell out of fashion until 21st century when it was picked up again by fashion houses to boast its high quality, royal fabric and the versatility! It is coarse but flexible, structured, professional and warm too! This means even in chilling weather, you need not compromise on appearance if you own a tweed suit!

If you own a tweed suit or planning to buy one and wondering it's best to wear one, then this post is for you!

1. Great for cold weather

Lots of countries this year have seen plummeted levels of temperature! Tweed suits are made of original wool and are great for winters because of their moisture-resistant texture. They are made to withstand harsh climate, and this is the reason that they are commonly worn while carrying out outdoor activities. They've been favourite fashionably worn for hunting and shooting for years, however, these days, you can wear them at any time of the day. It could be a formal gathering, house party or even a funeral. They are available in various colours and patterns which add variety to your wardrobe for various occasions. These are vintage and classic category of suits which had and will remain one of the best-selling pieces in fashion industry.

2. Can be worn casually or at office too

The best thing about tweed suits is their versatility. They can be paired with a polo or round neck t-shirt inside to give a casual look or they can be paired up with a crisp buttoned shirt for office. You can buy the ones in solid colours or you can pick the patterned one! The texture and colour of fabric add right amount of sophistication to tweed suits which make them suitable for all occasions. Heading for your golf or country club dinner? Pick up that tweed suit from your wardrobe and let your outfit do all the talking!

3. It can be split

The grace of full tweed suit is the most flattering look for men! But the good part about tweed suits is that if you just want to pair it up separately (in other words, if you want to split it) you can do it easily. You can wear your tweed coat with jeans or your trousers with a formal shirt without the blazer. How about pairing just the waistcoat with your favourite shirt and pair of jeans and loafers? You can achieve varied range of looks and this is what make it such a good buy! After all, world is not capable of coping with indefinite splendour every day! So, split it up to cater to various occasions.

4. Just the jacket/coat

Tweed adds an elegant feel to any outfit. Planning to slip down local pub for a pint or going out on a dinner with your special someone, pair tweed coat with a casual shirt (could be plain or checked) and complement them with your favourite pair of chinos to complete the look. It keeps you warm and blends with your outfit to create a statement. Tweed suits come in petite and plus sizes and look great on all body types because of the coarse nature of fabric. So, you don’t have to worry about your size when it comes to tweed! Make sure if your tweed coat is light in shade then go for darker hues like navy or charcoal. If your jeans or trousers are dark then prefer wearing brown chinos instead of black to complete the look.

5. Same suit; different look and different occasions

If you have to go out on a working day then one thing which bothers the most is to change your office attire before hitting any gathering. Tweed suits never make you look as if you forgot to change after work. You can wear same suit for an entire week by pairing it differently with other items in your wardrobe and it would be tough to judge for anyone if it was the same suit!

Here are some of our best selling tweed suits that have made so many of our customers happy gentlemen and they have enjoyed the experience of wearing them. 

1. Cavani Gaston Sage Brown Tweed Suit

2. Marc Darcy Dion Blue Tweed Suit with Ted Brown Waistcoat

3. Skopes Doyle Premium Blue Tweed Check Suit

4. Torre Brown Donegal Pure Wool Tweed Suit

And there is more. Get some more inspiration and ideas from our Tweed Suits Collection

We pay attention to details like comfort, wrinkle resistant materials and versatility so that every suit is ideal for your business trip or graduation party! The tweed suits are crafted to respect the formality of any occasion!

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